Mr. Molinari Managing Director and founder of Combined Wines and Foods, has added another achievement to his portfolio, in recognition for his hard work in building a successful business from the ground up and being honorably rewarded for it.
He has been awarded by the PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF ITALY, an Italian Knighthood, being titled as “IL CAVAGLIERE”. This is an honor in recognition of his work and service to the Italian Republic, through his business works over the past forty plus years.
We at Combined and Wines and Foods would like to take this opportunity to share the news of his great achievement with you.
He founded Combined Wines and Foods in 1972. His vision resulted in this family run company becoming one of the largest distributors of liquor and food products in Australia.
It is indeed a great honor for Mr Molinari to receive such an outstanding award and validation for his contributions after more than half a life time of hard work, and we are honored to share this news.