BOTTEGA-LOGO1920s – Domenico Bottega. Distilleria Bottega has a three-generation history of people dealing with wine and grappa behind itself.

1950s and ‘60s – Aldo Bottega. Aldo Bottega shared his father’s passion and extended it also to grappa.

1977 – Foundation of Distilleria Bottega. In 1977 Aldo Bottega moved his distillery to Pianzano di Godega (TV) and gave it its final name: Distilleria Bottega. At the end of the ‘70s it was a small company operating on the local market of grappa.

1983 – Bottega Brothers. After the founder’s death, his son Sandro helped by his sister Barbara and his brother Stefano became the company’s president. A few years later Distilleria Bottega became well known thanks to an innovative distillation system and to the reduction of the alcohol content that makes grappa milder and finer.

1987 – Alexander brand. The new brand Alexander joins the old one Bottega. It is addressed to increasingly educated and refined consumers, including young people and women. Distilleria Bottega begun to export its goods.

2013 – Bottega S.p.A. On 20th March 2013 Distilleria Bottega changed its company name and became Bottega S.p.A.. Shareholdings are exclusively owned by Barbara, Sandro and Stefano Bottega.
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