Initially the production was based above all on distillates, alcohol and derivatives of wine processing but, gradually, the Caffo distillery began to produce and make known on the market some liqueurs obtained from ancient recipes, the result of patient and meticulous research and re-elaborations. These products, the result of skilful dosages of aromatic and officinal herbs, infused in high quality alcohol, immediately won the favor of gourmets and the refined clientele of the time. The then very young Sebastiano Caffo (1901), began to learn from his father all the secrets of his ancient and noble profession, soon becoming himself “Master Distiller”, and proving to be able to conduct, in addition to the family business, also other distilleries taken under management including that of S. Paolo di Noto and that of Castiglione di Sicilia. In the meantime, the other “Caffo Brothers”, sons of the founder, had also gained experience in the sector having returned after twenty years from Australia, with the intention of strengthening the family business. Thus was born the company “Fratelli Caffo – Distilleries of alcohol, brandy and tartaric”, established between Sebastiano, Santo and Giuseppe Caffo with the aim of growing the family business by acquiring an existing plant in Calabria in Limbadi, a locality at the time famous for its production of excellent red wine. The presence of the distillery on a territory of great wine production made it possible to find large quantities of raw materials to be distilled on site, both fresh pomace and wines, with little competition compared to Sicily. While respecting the artisan tradition of the company, the Caffo brothers made fundamental transformations over time to the distillation equipment and to the processing of liqueurs to obtain an optimal result. In 1966 the company was totally acquired by Sebastiano Caffo with his son Giuseppe Giovanni, who still today at the top of the group continues the family tradition together with his son Sebastiano Giovanni who took over from his grandfather very young.
Vecchio Amaro del Capo, Vecchio Amaro del Capo Riserva, Vecchio Amaro del Capo Red Hot Edition, Solara Triple Grand Orange Liqueur, Grappa Unica Di Calabria, Grappa Morbida, Grappa Vecchia, Sgnape Dal Fogolar Grappa Friulana