menabreaThe Company passed from father to son for several generations. It went through two world wars and today is still managed by the same Family.

Menabrea is still located in the original building in the Town of Biella (Northern Italy a one hour drive from Turin the Capital of Piedmont) where it started more than 150 years ago.

Menabrea is the oldest Brewery in Italy and is renowned to make the Finest Beers .It is often called the “ Ferrari “ (The renown Italian luxury sport car) of the Beers and also “ The Presidents Beer “ as some Head of States like France’s President Jacques Chirac prefers Menabrea to a Barolo Wine at the dining table and is often served at the G7 summit meetings in Europe and elsewhere.

Menabrea is produced in relatively small quantities (last year production 70.000 hl) and is listed with only top Fine Dining establishments in Europe & U.S.A. The Menabrea Brewery is owned today by the Italian Birra Forst Group of Breweries but is still managed by the Thedy Family (a member of the Menabrea Founders Family)


  • The Birra Menabrea 1846 Has Been Awarded The “Best Pale Lager” Gold Medal At The World Beer Championships In Chicago Three Times 1997 1998 2000

Menabrea La 150 ̊ Blonde Premium Lager, Menabrea Italian Pilsner Arte in Lattina (Cans),
Menabrea Unfiltered Arte in Bottiglia Non Filtrata