LOGO-(16) We pride ourselves on innovation. Our aim is to produce exceptional gins of the highest quality and delightful flavours. Tasmania is our home and we want to showcase that beauty, in a bottle. It’s all we do.

When two couples met on the East Coast of Tasmania, both living in historical properties once inhabited by the famous English writer, Louisa Ann Meredith, there was a feeling this was more than coincidence.

Picturing a time in the rambling rose filled gardens, where the gin may well have flowed as freely as the natural Spring water passing right by it, the opportunity now seems obvious.

With a plump and zesty mandarin plucked fresh from the tree alongside rosemary and coriander straight from the herb garden, something splendid was about to happen.

It then took (more than) a pinch of the fabulously talented Nat Fryar (ex head wine maker of the famous Jansz sparkling) to blend the purest of Tasmanian spring water, direct from Spring Vale Estate, a triple distilled grape spirit of the highest grade, a fourth distillation and…

The Splendid Gin was born.

Presenting exceptional drinking as a stand alone sip for the connoisseur, or a splendid mixer with your favourite tonic and citrus, the Splendid Gin conjures a romantic past with a twist of contemporary decadence.

A uniquely Tasmanian gin with a nod to it’s English heritage, we are delighted to share something quite special indeed.

It’s simply Splendid.
Summer Cup, Classic Gin, Mesmeric Gin