It is rare that we use the word gem to describe the quality and beauty of a product. The London No.1 is one of these rare exceptions.

The Original Blue Gin

It’s aquamarine blue colour and hand crafted production method make this Gin one of the most exclusive in the world

Triple distilled in small batches under the expert direction of our Master Distiller Charles Maxwell. The London No.1, is made from the highest quality English grain spirit from the sunny fields of Suffolk and Norfolk. Distillation takes place in a traditional pot still with 12 carefully selected botanicals .

The 12 Botanicals

The exceptional character of the London No.1 is a result of the perfect blend of 2 key botanicals from various parts of the world. Each botanical is specifically and meticulously selected to create a complex and sophisticated gin. Orange peel from Italy, Bergamot from Italy, Savory from the French Alps, Lemon Peel from Italy, Cinnamon from Sri Lanka, Angelica Root from the French Alps, Coriander from China, Juniper from Croatia, Almond from Greece, Liquorice from Turkey and Lily Root from Italy.

Technical Information

Type: Premium Gin produced with 12 botanicals and distilled in London in traditional pot stills.

Alcohol: 47%

Tasting Note

The London No.1 presents itself in a luminous pale yet bright bluish Aquamarine colour; the nose reveals delightful scents of juniper berries and balsamic aromas. The alcohol is well integrated, elegant and clean. A delicate palate with some viscosity, and a fine dry mouth feel. Mild but very aromatic, with quality balsamic notes. Very balanced overall with a long sensual finish.

Serving Suggstions

Delicious in a gin and tonic and other classic cocktails. The London No.1 also comes into its own when simply served on the rocks.